Lasik: Standard or Customized

What is Standard Lasik vs. Customized Lasik?

Either of these excimer laser treatments can be used after the creation of the flap.

Standard Lasik technology is over 15 years old. Standard lasik corrects an average curvature over the eye.

Vision science has shown that each eye has its unique optical irregularities, just like a fingerprint. ‘Customized’ Lasik allows us to reduce or eliminate these irregularities point by point, creating a very smooth surface with a better chance of high definition vision. ‘Customized Lasik’ will often lead to vision that is better than 20/20. Also, its very wide treatment zone results in high quality night vision, eliminating halos and other unwanted aberrations.

Customized Lasik with the Schwind Amaris laser

The Schwind Amaris is a latest generation laser approved by Health Canada in 2012. Clinique Laservue was the first in North America to acquire this technology. This laser has the most sophisticated eye tracker on the market, which follows your eye in "6-Dimensions" (see video below), thus assuring centration of the treatment even in the presence of microscopic eye movements during treatment. It is ultra-fast (500 pulses per second) and ultra-precise, and the vast majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision the very next day.

Our surgeons have developed their own version of "Customized" Lasik which we call "Topo Zero".  It has 2 additional advantages:

1. A very smooth surface which is much more stable.  The introduction of this technology reduced the portion of patients requiring enhancement surgery from 17% to 2.7%.
2. Better preservation of corneal tissue, allowing more patients to be candidates for Lasik.

At Laservue, 99, 7 % of our patients achieve vision of 20/20 or better after "HD - TopoZero" LASIK