Why Bladeless Lasik Treatment?

The traditional method of creating a corneal "flap" is to use a motorized instrument called a "keratome", which uses a blade that oscillates at high speed. Several clinics still use this technology, even though it has some additional risks.

Laservue considers "bladeless" Lasik a superior technique for the reasons explained below. For these reasons lasik with a blade is no longer used at Laservue.

In "Bladeless Lasik" the "flap" is created by a "femtosecond" laser which delivers thousands to millions of pulses per second to a precise depth in the cornea. The incision is more precise. The advantages include increased safety with a softer treatment, a smoother incision, and a flap that is more solid. This often results in a better vision after Lasik surgery.

Customized Lasik with the Schwind Amaris laser

The Schwind Amaris is a latest generation laser approved by Health Canada in 2012. Clinique Laservue was the first in North America to acquire this technology. This laser has the most sophisticated eye tracker on the market, which follows your eye in "6-Dimensions" (see video below), thus assuring centration of the treatment even in the presence of microscopic eye movements during treatment. It is ultra-fast (500 pulses per second) and ultra-precise, and the vast majority of our patients achieve 20/20 vision the very next day.